Hairdressing / Hair Extensions / Wig Installs 


  • NO plus 1’s (Family\Friends) If this happens they will be refused entry at the door and will be sent away. We do not allow children to accompany us to appointments unless I have given my approval.
  • Remaining balance of your service is CASH payments only.
  • Please ensure you go to the cash point before your appointment as all payments are made upfront before I start your hair.
  • I am a home base salon with 1:1 appointments only.
  • Please make sure to arrive on time for your appointment and NOT late.
  • In order to ensure your hair stays flawless, please follow all of the aftercare and maintenance guidelines.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the beginning of your appointment will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. In order to keep your deposit 5+ business days must be given in order to move your deposit to another day. If you cancel the same day/day before your appointment, I require an additional charge + the deposit which is non-refundable in order to reschedule.

Late Policy:

Please ensure that you are on time for your appointment. You are given a 15-minute grace period. If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment will be canceled and you will be asked to reschedule. If you are a no-show and you haven’t informed me as to why you couldn’t make your appointment you lose your deposit and no future appointments will be allowed. This includes consultations and appointments. You will be required to pay half of the cost of your next service as a non-refundable deposit in order to reschedule.

No Show Policy:

You will lose your deposit and no future appointments will be allowed.


All Appointments require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in order to secure your booking. The remaining balance is to be paid in CASH ONLY. 

Covid Policy:

If you have tested positive for covid this means your appointment will be canceled and your non-refundable deposit will be lost. You will not be charged the remaining balance of the appointment. Once you test negative please wait 48 hours before rescheduling your appointment,

Hair Extension Maintenance:

Nano ring/Micro ring hair extension maintenance is due every 4-6 weeks, If you go over this there will be an added charge to your appointment. Having nano/micro ring hair extensions in your hair for longer than 8 weeks will require you to get them removed and take a break. Once you have had a break for a couple of weeks you can have them fitted again. Keeping your hair in the best condition is our main priority.

Tape In Extension's Policy:

Tape extensions require a lot of maintenance. I will not be held responsible if you don't maintain your tape extensions. We recommend booking your maintenance appointments in advance. In order to check the integrity of your natural hair, I require regular maintenance appointments.

Those who skip their 2-3 week maintenance appointment and don't maintain their tapes at home will have their tapes removed at 6 weeks. No further fittings will be provided by Zianahair if the tape extensions have been removed by you or another stylist.

Your extensions may need to be removed if I believe they aren't being taken care of properly and are damaging your natural hair. Any hair loss, damage, or breakage of your natural hair will not be my responsibility if you fail to schedule your maintenance appointments. Following the recommended aftercare is extremely important.

Wig Install's Information:

  • If you require a Patch Test these are done at your OWN request, A disclaimer form will be filled out on the day. Please disclose any allergies prior to your booking.
  • I do NOT work with low hairlines
  • Please inform me in advance if you have any specific hairline's so that I can prepare everything accordingly.
  • Your own matching foundation must be provided by yourself, if not a £5 fee will be added on. please don’t forget this as it contributes to having a flawless installation.
  • Your hair must come pre-cornrowed, flat (12+ rows ONLY), showing up with your hair not cornrowed will lead to a straight cancellation (the remaining amount will still have to be paid).
  • For security reasons, if your email address is entered incorrectly when booking, you will be required to rebook.
  • After leaving the salon, it is your responsibility to maintain your installation. It is essential that you wrap your hair every night and wear a silk bonnet.

When signing a ZIANAHAIR/Crown Extensions document (Consultation Form, Skin Test Form, Hair Extension Form) you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Once signed you cannot hold ZIANAHAIR/Crown Extensions or the Stylist responsible.