Before your colour service it is advised that you follow these simple steps so you can achieve the best results.

1. Your hair actually lifts better when it's clean!

Dirty hair lifts/colours better is a myth! The colour / lightener would have to fight through the dirt and grease meaning it would be harder to deposit the colour or lightener.

2. STOP using purple shampoo at least 2 weeks before your appointment!

Using purple shampoo can cause a build up on your hair, meaning it would look dull and dark. This can't be toned out; it would need to be cleansed which would cost you more money at your appointment.


  • Wash your hair only 1-2 times a week
  • Don't tie your hair up in tight buns and ponytails
  • Use as little heat as possible! (once a week is recommend) (ALWAYS use heat protection!)
  • Use only the recommended products
  • Avoid chlorine at all costs
  • Deep condition with a hair mask weekly
  • Regular trims make a world of a difference!
  • Use lukewarm to cold water when washing your hair.
  • Always wash your hair with Colour Safe products.
  • Use a satin bonnet or scarf while sleeping to protect your hair.


Highlights - 8-12 Weeks

Scalp Bleach - 4-6 Weeks

Back-to-Back Foils - 8-12 Weeks

Balayage / Foilyage / Babylights - 12+ Weeks

After 6 months of regrowth you go back to the beginning and you are basically starting again. Each session (if needed) should be at least 1-6 months apart.


Aftercare is extremely important! All hair can fade, become brassy, and lose tone this is due to multiple factors. Have in mind when using straighteners, blow drying, hot showers, swimming, exposure to sunlight, and much more can all cause you to lose tone in your hair.

If you are not using a professional brand for heat protection, shampoo and conditioner this could all affect your hair colour. Using a £5 shampoo will wash out your £150+ hair colour. I always recommend high end professional products to my clients when they sit in my chair.


Purple shampoo is great to take away that brassy blonde but Just as much as it can be a blonde's best friend it can also make your hairdresser's life 10x harder!

Did you know the undertone of purple/blue is green? That's why you should always stop using it 2 weeks before your colour appointment.

8 out of 10 of my clients need a cleanse on their mid length and ends at their appointment. You would only normally need a cleanse to brighten up a dull blonde. This is an added charge but it can be avoided


  • Pureology hydrate range 
  • K18 Shampoo & Leave in mask
  • Kerestase hair care
  • Redken Acidic bonding 
  • Loreal proffesional Metal detox

If you do have any questions on how to care for your colour at home please email