The best way to keep your extensions looking gorgeous is to follow the simple but important maintenance and aftercare steps.

Please remember that your new hair extensions are only guaranteed if you follow the important aftercare guidelines, and use the recommended hair extension products only. If you don't follow the correct aftercare you may experience problems with your hair extensions which could potentially damage the natural hair. This means your extensions won't be covered. Any quality issues that arise after the fitting are dependent on the aftercare. This is unless they have been deemed faulty at the fitting. You will not receive a refund or replacement hair.


Prior to the fitting, please make sure your hair is thoroughly washed in shampoo. Do not use conditioner or any products! If your scalp tends to get oily quickly please wash your hair the morning of the fitting, or this could cause slippage of your hair extensions.

It is advised for you to turn up with your hair straightened before the fitting.


It is recommended that your hair extensions are not washed for 48 hours following the application. Always make sure you sleep with your hair in a loose plait. The human head loses around 50 to 100 hairs a day. This means that sometimes the hair will come loose naturally, they could be caught in the extensions and will be visible at the root. This is perfectly normal. After the first four weeks, your extensions will start to grow down, at this point please separate the bonds and give a gentle brush to avoid matting. (Make sure to support the bonds).

Make sure to brush lightly starting from the ends and working the way to the root. Keep all of the extensions that may fall out as they can be refitted at your next maintenance appointment. It is normal to lose 4-8 strands per week.


To keep your hair in the best condition and to stop it from knotting while you sleep, tie your hair in a loose side plait or low ponytail. For ultimate protection wear a silk bonnet to sleep.

Avoid using elastic bands as the hair will tangle. Make sure to always dry your extensions fully, and never go to bed with damp or wet hair!


You can use sunbeds as normal as long as a towel is wrapped around the head beforehand. Be careful not to get tanning oil on the hair extensions as it can alter the hair shade in some cases. This can be extremely hard to get out of blonde shades. We recommend to wear a shower cap to ensure your hair is wrapped out of the way, then place a towel wrapped around this.


Any form of dying/semi-permanent/lightening colours are against Ziana Hair's recommendations and therefore will not be covered if the hair becomes damaged or faulty.


Make sure to not wash your hair extensions until 48 hours after the fitting. This will make sure they can set properly and avoid risk of weakening.

Only use Sulphate free products on the hair. Silicone shampoos will weaken the bonds and loosen the rings, which means they are more likely to slip out. We recommend using the Euphoria one or Remi cachet sulphate free range.


The recommended hair extension brushes to use are, Beauty Works brush, Tangle Teezer and a Denman Bristle brush. All of the above brushes are recommended by Ziana Hair. These can be purchased at lots of high-street stores or online. The Russian hair extensions can be curled or straightened, however make sure to use a heat protection spray before blow drying or styling. We recommend that you hold your bonds with one hand and brush through gently with the other. This will make sure they stay in place and don't slip. It is advised that you don't go over 180' Celsius and keep the heat down to get the maximum lifespan out of the extensions.


If you are planning to go on holiday in the sun you should make sure to deep condition your extensions regularly or they can go dry. Avoid chlorine and sea water coming into direct contact with the hair extensions, as this can cause discolouration and may cause the extensions to break down.

It is best advised to tie your hair back and wear a swimming cap. Your hair extensions are not covered if you go on holiday. Please note that some water filtration systems abroad can cause light colour extensions to turn slightly pink/orange.


The extensions may feel uncomfortable for the first 14 days, but the extensions should ease up after one or two washes.

You should never wear your hair up tightly or in a high ponytail. This can cause tension, breakage and discomfort. It is best to always wear your extensions tied low and loosely so it doesn’t pull.


Hair loss is a common worry of anybody considering hair extensions, however, it needn’t be. Hair extensions that are fitted correctly by a trained professional, maintained regularly, and cared for correctly with a good aftercare routine will not cause damage to the natural hair.

You only have to consider how often you clear out your hairbrush to realize that you naturally lose a lot more hair on a daily basis than you think. When wearing hair extensions our hair is enclosed inside the bond, meaning the hairs that would naturally come out can't as it is trapped inside the hair extension bond.

Please remember that when wearing your hair for a 4 month period, you will become accustomed to the feeling of thick, full hair. When your hair extensions are removed it is common to forget what your natural hair feels like.


Nano ring hair extensions are very similar to micro ring hair extensions, however, both the bond and tip are 90% smaller. The first thing to be aware of with nano rings is the slippage. Due to the size of nano ring bonds, they are more prone to loss than any other method. Losing anywhere from 10-20 hair extensions between 4-6 week maintenance appointments.

Maintenance appointments are very important in terms of nano ring hair extensions. Nano ring hair extensions do not perform well if your hair is of an oily nature. Excessive oil can cause the nano ring extensions to not hold as well as they should.


The full maintenance is required every 4-8 weeks.

If you are unsure of how to maintain your tapes at home please book in for a mini maintenance appointment. This service is where I check on how your extensions are being maintained and if any tapes have slipped they will be removed and re-installed at this appointment. You will also receive a wash, blowdry, and style to ensure your hair is being taken care of.

If you decide to skip your 2-3 week maintenance appointment and your tapes have not been maintained at home, your tapes will be removed and an additional charge will be added.

Top tips:

  • Always brush your tapes before washing your hair.
  • Hold the top of your hair extensions in one hand while brushing.
  • Always use Sulphate free shampoo/conditioner.
  • Always use heat protection before styling your hair with heat.
  • Brush your hair extensions several times a day.
  • Keep your hair in a silk bonnet at night to protect your hair.
  • Always use a bristle brush or wide-tooth comb for brushing.
  • Only wash your hair 1-2 times a week. Always use a moisturizing conditioner.
  • When washing your hair please make sure to separate your hair into sections to ensure the shampoo is saturated throughout.
  • Always wash your hair in a downwards motion


  • We do not recommend or advise that our hair extensions are coloured and/or toned. If you proceed to do so this would be entirely your responsibility and at your own risk.
  • Don't wash your hair for 48 hours after having them fitted.
  • Never apply products to your scalp. Only apply to the mid-lengths and ends.
  • Don't brush wet hair. This goes for your natural hair as well as your extensions.
  • Never sleep with wet hair.
  • Tapes are extremely fragile method be-careful not to pull the tapes as this will cause slipping.
  • Never wash your hair extensions with the hair flipped over (upside down).
  • Never dry your hair extensions with the hair flipped over (upside down).


For our full after care guide please check your aftercare form that you was given at the consultation/fitting of hair extensions.